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photo of Sali Ariel Sali Ariel, Israeli woman artist Vanishing Point

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Exhibitions: You can take a virtual tour of earlier gallery showings by clicking on the links below.

Tel Aviv 2006
Includes the "Tel Aviv Goes to The Dogs" series.

Bauhaus Tel Aviv
Sali Ariel's paintings of Tel Aviv's historic Bauhaus buildings

Tel Aviv 2005
"Spirit of the City"- the City Tower Exhibition .

Beach Paintings 2005
"The Herzliya Marina Show"- The third year of Ariel's Tel Aviv cityscapes.

Tel Aviv 2004
"Beach Paintings"- The third year of Ariel's Tel Aviv cityscapes.

Tel Aviv 2003
"The City Landscape"- Continuing the project begun in 2001.

Tel Aviv 2001
"The City Landscape"- Tel Aviv in the year 2001. A project to capture this moment in the Jewish city's history.

Horace Richter Gallery
"IDENTITIES"- The show hung in the Horace Richter Gallery in old Jaffa (Tel Aviv-Jaffa) from June 6 1998 thru July 4, 1998
Images you see as you move through our virtual gallery include all of the works and a few of the people which you would have encountered on the night of June 22 1998, had you been in the ancient city of Jaffa, in the Horace Richter Gallery.

The Works on Paper Show
The show at the Painters & Sculptors Association was a new departure for the artist. Now signing her work as Sali Ariel, she exhibits paintings on brown paper

The Women to Women
Works about being female.

Collectable Note Cards

Now available! "The Rothschild Series" - Beautiful views of Tel Aviv's "Rothschild area." Paintings by Sali Ariel reproduced on note cards.

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