The "Identities" Show


Formerly Sally Kirschen, Sally Ariel, Sally Noble, and originally Sally Rips.

As she moves through the various stages of life, the contemporary woman finds that family names and outward identities change. Identitiy becomes as changeable as the clothing and costumes she wears. Sense of self is hidden behind the body parts which define her as "object" rather than "person".

Born Sally Rips, her name is exchanged for Sally Noble when she marries. After moving to Israel, Noble becomes "Hebraicized" to Ariel. Then, a second marriage gives her a new label, a new identity, called Sally Kirschen.

So where is Sally Rips?

Jeans, cocktail dresses, torso, breasts, glasses, hairdo, bra, Sally Rips, Sally Noble, Sally Ariel, Sally Kirschen, the grown woman, the girl that was, under the paint, inside the clothes, and behind the names. . . these are the images, tags, and queries which populate the artist's search. A quest for continuity and the meaning of her own identity.

The painterly appeal of these works are deceptive doorways. They lead to the complicated, and sometimes frightening lost/found questions of identity and identities which lurk behind the enamel, oil, and silvered surfaces. The canvases examine and explore the meanings of style, art, technique, tradition, and the point of view of the spectator.

June - July 1998
The "Identities" Show

Horace Richter Gallery 24 Mazal Arie, Old Jaffa Tel: 03 682 5842
Email: SaliAriel@yahoo.com